Ever Wonder Why There Are No Diesel Motorbikes On The Road ?

If you a curious about motorbikes sometimes you may have wonder why there are no diesel motorbikes on the road. Are diesel motorbikes bad for the environment ? Are they too noisy ? or Are they too mush heavy to handle ? Let's talk about one by one...

By,     2021-09-17
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It’s not uncommon for people to ask the question, “Why is there no diesel motorcycle?” The answer is that most people want motorcycles that are fast and loud. These motorcycles also need to be fuel-efficient, but most importantly they need to look good. Diesel engines don't sound as cool as petrol motors when they're accelerating and because of this, diesel bikes aren't very popular.

However, in some countries like Germany where gas prices are high, many people use diesel-powered bikes because they're cheaper than gasoline-powered ones. There's just one problem with these bikes:

They emit black sooty exhaust fumes which aren’t very good for the environment or your health! But if you often ride on highways with zero traffic and you plan on buying a bike, then I suggest that you consider getting a diesel-powered motorcycle.

In this article, I'll discuss why there are no diesel motorcycles and why people like them. I'll also discuss whether it's better to ride a petrol motorcycle or one that runs on diesel.

1. Engine Weight - A gas engine is lighter than a diesel engine.

How To Drive Safely? Best Tips For A Safe Drive

A gas engine is lighter than a diesel motorbike engine. The reason behind the weight difference is that gasoline weighs less than diesel. Diesel has more carbon atoms per molecule, which causes it to weigh more per volume, meaning that it's heavier than gasoline.

Gasoline also burns at a higher temperature than diesel, which results in less friction with the piston and cylinder walls, giving it an even lighter feel.

So a gas engine can be mounted higher in a motorbike frame, whereas a diesel engine would have to be placed lower in order to maintain stability.

Diesel engines produce more torque than gasoline due to the compression ratio. A diesel engine compresses air at a much higher ratio than a gasoline engine, which is the reason why it produces more torque.

The downside to this is that you would have to place the engine lower in order for it to function correctly, and also it would be harder to maintain.

2. Gearbox - A gas engine needs fewer gears

How To Drive Safely? Best Tips For A Safe Drive

A gasoline engine provides power at a higher RPM (revolutions per minute) than a diesel motorbike engine. This prevents the need to shift gears and allows for more speed and acceleration.

There would be no way for a motorcycle rider to shift gears while riding if it had a six or seven-speed gearbox like a motorcycle with a diesel engine would need in order to maintain power.

So a motorbike with a gasoline engine doesn't need as many gears as one with a diesel engine because it provides more RPM, which makes gear-shifting unnecessary.

3. Torque - A gas engine produces more torque than a diesel motorcycle.

How To Drive Safely? Best Tips For A Safe Drive

Torque is the amount of energy being transferred to the wheels. A gasoline engine produces more torque than a diesel motorbike because of the higher compression ratio in the cylinder.

A diesel engine compresses air at less than half of its peak pressure during combustion, whereas a gas engine compresses it to double that. This allows for more force in one direction, which gives it more torque.

4. Noise - A gas engine is quieter than a diesel motorcycle.

How To Drive Safely? Best Tips For A Safe Drive

A diesel engine emits a louder noise because it fires only once during each revolution rather than multiple times as a gasoline engine does. In an internal combustion gasoline engine, the motion of the piston in the cylinder generates a sound that is absent in a compression-ignition diesel engine.

5. Maintenance Costs - It's more expensive to maintain and repair an old model diesel bike.

How To Drive Safely? Best Tips For A Safe Drive

Diesel bikes are more expensive to maintain. A gas engine is cheaper to maintain because all of the parts are water-tight, whereas a diesel bike needs frequent oil changes because it has leaky seals.

A gas engine also burns at a higher temperature than a diesel bike, so less heat is lost by the bike.

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The higher heat means that a gas engine can operate with a lower compression ratio, which is the force pushing the fuel/air mixture into the combustion chamber.

A lower compression ratio makes it possible for you to have a less expensive motor because you don't need as many materials in your piston and cylinder walls.

In addition to having a higher operating temperature, the diesel engine also burns at a higher pressure than the gas engine, so it needs stronger materials to contain this pressure within its cylinders. Because of this, larger and thicker metals are needed in the cylinder head and piston crown which makes for larger and more expensive components.

6. Environmental Impact - The fuel that goes into the gas tank is not as harmful to the environment as that which goes into a diesel tank.

How To Drive Safely? Best Tips For A Safe Drive

Diesel engines are more harmful to the environment than gasoline engines. When vehicles burn diesel fuel, they produce more sulfur dioxide and nitrous oxide, which are two major air pollutants.

The diesel engine also creates tiny particles that can get into human lungs, causing decreased lung function. A study by the Brookhaven National Laboratory found that diesel engines emit 20-40% less carbon dioxide than gasoline engines because of their higher efficiency. However, the difference in CO2 emissions is canceled out by the increased emissions of sulfur oxides and nitrous oxide, both of which can create acid rain if released into the atmosphere.

A diesel engine is heavier and less powerful than a gasoline engine. Diesel engines are often used in trucks because they're more durable but don't have the power to travel as fast or go up hills as quickly.

The weight of a gas-powered motorcycle would make it difficult for riders to be able to balance it on their own without assistance from an outside force like gravity or another person's hand.

Gasoline motorcycles also need much less maintenance due to the fact that petrol will not corrode metal parts like diesel fuel does.

There may come a time where we see pure electric bikes with no combustion involved, but for now, there will always be at least one part of these vehicles fueled by petroleum products such as gasoline instead of oil-based.

Which is your favorite diesel engine motorbike model? We would love to hear about it in the comments below.

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