Misconceptions and Myths About Your Car Battery - Most Important Facts That Will Save You A Fortune

We love cars as you do. The battery in your vehicle plays a major role from starting your vehicle to monitoring all of it's electrical systems. But, there are many misconceptions and myths associated with car batteries. Let's talk one by one.

By,     2021-10-02
Misconceptions and Myths About Your Car Battery

There are many car battery myths and misconceptions that can lead to needless car repairs. This post will help you diagnose your own car battery so you'll know if your mechanic is trying to pull one over on you! And this will save you a fortune for sure.

Dispelling the Top 10 Myths about Car Batteries

Myths about car batteries are quite common. People like to exchange stories that explain what happened to them or their friends without conducting extensive research. Here is the list of the most popular myths you should stop believing in.

Myth #1. Batteries with low electrolyte levels fail often.

Many people believe the battery fails when the acid level is too low and this is not always true. Corrosion on the lead plates occurs more frequently than empty cells which lead to battery failure. The best way to check electrolyte levels is with a hydrometer.

Myth #2. Driving with a low battery charge damages the battery.

Even though it's true that allowing the battery to run out completely before recharging is harmful, driving a car even for a short time won't cause serious damage. The alternator will charge the battery while the car is running and the voltage will be restored. You should, however, make sure that the battery has enough charge before you disconnect it from the starting system.

Myth #3. A battery should always be recharged as soon as possible.

If the battery discharges only slightly, you should leave it in your vehicle. Driving will provide the battery with the required amount of energy to recharge itself. If you take out the battery, it should be stored in a cool place for around 20 hours to ensure that the electrolyte is fully absorbed.

Myth #4. A battery should be recharged once it drops below 80%.

You can recharge your battery whenever it's convenient. You should, however, avoid recharging it at temperatures below -18°C as this might reduce its lifespan.

Myth #5.You should always disconnect the negative terminal first.

Unscrewing the negative terminal doesn't do any good. The battery is made in such a way that, even if you connect the positive to negative poles by accident, it will just cause the battery to lose some of its charges. If you want to avoid sparking, however, unscrew the negative terminal first.

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Myth #6. Batteries die if the car is left standing.

While it's true that leaving a battery to stand leads to its damage, this can be prevented by trickle charging. You can, for instance, leave your car's battery in the trunk and use an automatic charger to provide it with the necessary power.

Myth #7. Batteries die as soon as they're exposed to freezing temperatures.

Cold weather has no effect on the lifespan of a battery. The only thing that reduces its lifespan is storing it without any charges. The electrolyte has a lower freezing point than the preferred temperature of most engines and cold weather can actually extend its lifespan.

Myth #8. A battery should be recharged at the same temperature it has been stored in.

Most batteries can be charged at any temperature and they can retain their full power in cold and hot weather. This myth comes from the fact that batteries will lose capacity when they're frequently recharged at extremely high or low temperatures.

What do I need to check before taking my vehicle in for a new battery?

Checklist for batteries -

You can do a few things before taking your vehicle in for a new battery. The first thing you need to check is if you have a power issue or just a low battery. You can turn on the interior lights, radio, and windshield wipers to see if any of these things die out. If this happens, you might have a power issue instead of a battery issue.

Before replacing your battery, you also need to make sure that the alternator belt is in good condition. If it's not, your car will keep supplying power to the same dead battery with no change in charge level even when the engine is off which could cause it to overheat.

If you're absolutely certain that you need a new battery but the one you have is still under warranty, you should call the dealership or manufacturer of your vehicle to see if they offer free replacement.

If you have a light on your dashboard indicating that the battery is in need of being recharged, follow these steps to properly recharge your car's battery.

There are many more myths about car batteries, but the truth is that they're not as complicated or mysterious as people think. When you know how to care for your battery properly and avoid common mistakes, it will last longer and work better.

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