How To Change The Oil In Your Car And How Often You Should Change Oil ? | A Step By Step Guide

Your cars engine has lots of moving parts. They need to lubricate well for smooth performance of the engine so you need an oil chage. So lets dive in for more datails about this.

By,     2021-09-19
How to chane the oil in your car

The oil in your car is an important fluid that lubricates the engine and helps circulate heat. It also shields parts of the engine from contact with air which helps reduce friction, corrosion, and wear.

But how often you change your oil depends on a number of factors like the type of vehicle, driving habits, climate conditions, etc. Understanding some basics about auto oil can help you make better choices for when you do come to change it out.

Here is a step-by-step guide to replacing the oil in your car.

Signs your car need an oil change

Signs that your car need an oil change
1. Check the oil change light

If your car needs an oil change it will sense it. The oil change light in your car will lit up if there is an problem with the oil. It may be due to not enough oil in the system or may be a variation of the default thickness of the oil. It doesn’t matter what the cause is if this indicator shows up you should definitely change the oil in your car.

2. Check for the Exhaust smoke

Check whether your car’s exhaust is Grey or Bluish. It is due to burning of excess oil or leakage of oil in to the system. If this is the case immediately contact your local repairman for advice. You may read more about colored exhaust smoke WHITE, GREY, BLUE OR BLACK : WHAT DOES MY CAR'S COLORED EXHAUST SMOKE MEAN ?

3. Excessive mileage

Normally Oil manufacturers recommend an oil change once in every 6000 miles or six months if your car is new. So, If your car has done many miles it is necessary for an oil change.

4. Oil smell comes inside the car

If you smell oil inside the car it could possible be due to oil leakage from the engine. You should contact a repairman immediately.

The steps to changing your car oil

Steps to change the oil in your car
1. Check for leaks

Before you perform the oil change, make sure there aren't any noticeable leaks by inspecting your engine oil and looking for puddles on the ground.

2. Separate the oil filter cap from the old filter

Before the next step, it's important to release the oil pressure. Start by loosening or removing the oil drain plug then unscrewing or removing the filter cap.

3. Install the new oil filter and tighten it by hand

Install the new oil filter and tighten it by hand. The old filter should be removed using an oil filter wrench. After installing the new one, you can then tighten it with your hands or an oil filter wrench. The drain plug should then be replaced and tightened to seal the system.

4. Connect an oil pressure gauge to the car’s system to make sure the proper pressure is maintained

You may want to consider adding an oil pressure gauge to the car's system so that you know when the proper pressure is being maintained. There are three different types of oil gauges that can be used, which are mechanical, electrical, and magnetic.

The most common type of gauge is a mechanical one because it's less expensive than both the electrical and magnetic models.

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5. Add new oil to the engine

The next step is to add new oil to the engine. Fill up the engine's oil pan with a quart of new oil and check for leaks again to make sure that they're no longer there.

Now the main part of the oil change in your car is done. Check all of the fluid levels and top them off as necessary.

Start your car and check for any leaks around the oil filter or drain plug.

Drive the car around on a warm engine (don’t go very far) for about 5 minutes to warm the oil up.

Stop the car and check all of the fluid levels again, topping them off as necessary.

How often you should change your car oil

How often you should change your car oil

There are many factors that determine when it's time to change the oil in your car. The most important thing to consider is the mileage or kilometers you've driven.

You should also be thinking about how often you drive and the terrain of the country you live in. For example, if you live in a mountainous region and drive an extra 10 minutes each day, your engine might need more than 7 months before it needs an oil change.

As a rule, drivers who own cars that can take an extra 3 liters of oil per year should have their oil changed every six months. Drivers that only use 2 liters of oil per year should have their oil changed every 12 months.

If you're not sure how much your vehicle uses per year, check your owner's manual or ask the service manager at your local mechanic.

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